Accounting Cycle is the non-CPA Accounting Firm started by Frederick Schmiddt after years of acting as an accountant for a number of friends and family. Fred had a background in programming and finance before starting his accounting track, but he was immediately attracted to the numbers.

Fred acted on the Columbia, MO City Council for 3 years and in that time he assisted in many of the city’s financial decisions. Fred supported many initiatives to promote a healthier community and is an avid bicycle enthusiast.

In working with a variety of large and small businesses with their accounting issues, Fred found many business owners had worked with accountants for years, but never really learned how to manage their accounting records properly. Over the years Fred has developed a customized service that involves engaging directly with a business and fixing any existing issues while educating business owners on how to prevent future issues and manage records on-going.

Fred provides a CFO-for-Hire model that allows him to be flexible and offer his expertise based on the specific needs of the organization. He has worked with many non-profit organizations, sole proprietors, mid-level businesses, and everything in between. Fred has dealt with a variety of accounting crisis situations for his past clients and can pull from past experiences to swiftly address sometimes very costly mistakes that you may have been making with your business accounting records.

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Fred has taught courses through the Columbia based Small Business Technology Development Center and continues to advocate for the education of accounting information. All businesses must account for their transactions and is important for everyone starting businesses to understand how to keep their records straight. Fred now offers private classes and occasional group classes when requested.