Accounting Cycle offers a variety of service options specifically tailored to your business needs. Whether your needing to file personal taxes or are in need of a rescue plan to get your business records straightened out, we’ll get it worked out.



  • Ongoing Bookkeeping
  • Rescue Plans
  • Initial Set-up/Software Selection

One of our primary services is simple bookkeeping, but setting up all the records within your accounting system in the proper categories and filing each record properly can be a tedious task. If you just need someone to go through everything with a fine toothed comb, we can do that.


If you are just setting up your accounting system, we provide a service that assists you in setting up either a Quickbooks Desktop or Online account, or any other online based or desktop oriented system for accounting. We can help make sure you don’t make any mistakes initially when starting your business or transitioning existing records.

Rescue Plan

Most of the time our clients come to us in a time of need. It’s time to file your taxes and everythings a mess. It’s not a problem. In this instance we evaluate your specific situation and apply a concoction of our other services to best suit what needs to happen for you to get everything in order for your business.

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Tax Filing

    • Personal
    • Business
    • Payroll

Like most accountants, we also prepare taxes for your business and for personal records. Preparing ahead of time is important for tax season, so we work with our existing clients throughout the year to make the return process as painless as possible.

Let us help you file.

Remote Accounting

  • Faster service and no physical travel
  • Remote Desktop tutorials and troubleshooting
  • Full service remote accounting
All of our accounting services can be offered remotely through a remote desktop connection. If your accounting records are stored on your office computer, we can access the files outside of office hours and clean things up without interfering with office operations.

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  • Budget Management
  • Cash-flow Projections
  • Financial Reporting & Bank Lender Preperation
  • Where am I profitable?
  • Where am I losing money?

This is the CFO-For-Hire part. Most accountants are not interested in helping you make business decisions for your company, finding negative patterns within your business spending, or making recommendations based on in-depth financial reviews. Incorporating a CFO into your management team can be very expensive if the need is not necessarily full time. In many cases it makes sense to partner with an outside company like Accounting Cycle to better evaluate past records for decisions affecting the future. We have worked with a number of our clients in more of a consulting manner to help improve their business efforts by using true data to determine the direction the company should head.

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  • One-on-one Training
  • Group Training
  • Remote Training
  • Do-It-Yourself Training

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Currently, Accounting Cycle offers custom tailored accounting classes for our clients on an as needed basis. The purpose of our classes could be an initial overview of business accounting, we teach quickbooks desktop courses in filing records, transactions, and reconciling, we provide classes in filing tax records, and we can create custom courses oriented towards your specific needs.

Education is a crucial aspect for all business owners in regards to their accounting and over the years we have taught countless people how to improve their record keeping practices or save money during tax season by better filing their records. Contact us or fill out our form to learn more about classes.

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