Test Post Summer 2016

In accounting, as in love, the concepts are deceptively simple. Worse, Intuit and other ads imply that we can do things ourselves, that we either can’t or shouldn’t. I’m an accountant. I’m smart enough and can read directions. I could put in a faucet myself, or call a plumber. What do you think I’m going to do? Call the plumber! It would take me all day and it would be passable, but he could do it in a few minutes and it would be perfect. I could then spend that day reading tax law or accounting books, to your benefit.

The number one complaint is people don’t have enough time in life. So why do we do things ourselves that we don’t have to? Hire out. I can do your bookkeeping in far less time than you, and it will be more accurate.

Life is short, the art is long. (Hippocrates, but talking about something else)